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Japanese Puzzle Boxes
The size of each box is measures in a traditional Japanese unit called "Sun"
One "Sun" equals 1.2 Inches - See Chart Below

Our puzzle boxes are each individually handcrafted in the city of Hakone, Japan and imported by us directly from the artists offering the best quality and pricing available. The skills have been passed down through the generations since the Edo Period. Each box comes with instructions on how to open the box, but give it a try first.

2 Sun Puzzle Boxes
2 Sun Puzzle Boxes

3 Sun Puzzle Boxes
3 Sun Puzzle Boxes

4 Sun Puzzle Boxes
4 Sun Puzzle Boxes

5 Sun Puzzle Boxes
5 Sun Puzzle Boxes

6 Sun Puzzle Boxes
6 Sun Puzzle Boxes

Cube Puzzle Boxes
Cube Puzzle Boxes

Money Puzzle Boxes
Money Puzzle Boxes

Zougan Puzzle Boxes
Zougan Puzzle Boxes

All Japanese Puzzle Boxes on Sale TODAY!!!
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Puzzle Box Size Conversion Chart

Sun Size Size in MM Size in CM Size in Inches
1 sun / mame 45 mm 4.5 cm 1.75 inches
2 sun 60 mm 6 cm 2.4 inches
2.5 sun 75 mm 7.5 cm 3 inches
3 sun 90 mm 9 cm 3.6 inches
3.5 sun 105 mm 10.5 cm 4.25 inches
4 sun 120 mm 12 cm 4.8 inches
5 sun 150 mm 15 cm 6 inches
6 sun 180 mm 18 cm 7.2 inches
7 sun 210 mm 21 cm 8.4 inches


More Information About Our Puzzle Boxes:
> Click Here to learn more about our puzzle boxes including Care & Cleaning Instructions <
> Click Here for Close-up Pictures of the most popular patterns <

Japanese Puzzle Boxes

The Himitsu Baku is a Japanese puzzle box that is currently produced by only nine traditional craftsmen. These artisans are not responsible for creating the Yosegi-Zaiku patterns that adorn their secret boxes, but they are responsible for producing their secret box puzzles virtually alone from beginning to end. Each artisan is responsible for choosing their own wood, then allowing it to dry and curing it. Next, they are responsible for cutting all of the wood pieces and assembling them to create the challenging puzzle box. Finally, they purchase the Yosegi-Zaiku patterns in sheets, and attach them to each face on the box using the right finishing techniques. The youngest of all Himitsu Baku master craftsmen today is around sixty years old, though there are a number of apprentices who are working to learn this unique art so that the tradition can be continued even when the original craftsmen have passed on.
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